Our Volunteers

Here are our Volunteers, we hope you will come and join our team!

Kim is our volunteer Coordinator
Vicky is our Intake Coordinator
Beth is Intake and Clothes Closet
Diane is Hostess and clothes closet

Rod Myers is our handyman and did a lot of work for us. He is moving but we have another person who offered to help.

Past Volunteers:

Dohnny had to move.

Georgia had to go back to work, she can only come during summer.

Mike did some repairs for us but he lives in Palatka.

We need more volunteers as we are doing other projects and need coverage for when one of us has to leave.


We need Hostess (passes out the produce)

We need Clothes closet manager and helper (keeps clothes closet organized)

We need people for the homeless ministry (help us in any way they can, RV getting ready)

We need Yard person to keep yard looking good.

We need people to help us keep outreach clean on inside(sweep,mop,bathrooms,dust)

Many other areas are going to be open as we get more organized.