Our Services

What We Do:
Our vision is to have a central location where North Marion Country residents can come for help of any kind. I wish to bring representatives from all help agencies here to Hope Outreach at least once a week. This goal has not been achieved as none will come up here when I request. So far only community services has offered to send someone to do a workshop. It’s ok I find out the resources and share with those who need it, then they must find a way to Ocala to be able to apply.

  • Senior Services/Transportation
  • Tobacco Free Florida has meetings here if you sign up
  • Health Department (working with Heart of Florida in Reddick, where I take the clients)
  • Community Action ( i can refer 3 a month)
  • Mental Health Services ( I can refer to many but Meridian has been the best one)
  • Food Stamps (we are partner with them, fax,computer available for use)
  • Work Force Agency (jobs)
  • Early Learning Coalition (kids)
  • and others …


Currently, we offer :

Emergency Food,

dog food,

computer use,

Help getting into a Detox and Rehab program Free,

a clothes closet,

hygiene products,

Referral to SOAR Program helps with Disability


Info on programs that are offered by the county

Debt Relief  Class,

Budgeting Class,


Computer Use (ask us)

Forms filled out (more than 1 page we require a donation)

Free books & Bibles when in stock

Resume creation and Printing

Study online (must schedule times)

Small Group meetings on Tuesday (must sign up)

 Transitional Housing (no vacancy at this time)


In addition, we are able to make referrals for:
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Parenting classes
  • Career training
  • Drug prevention
  • Housing services
  • Teen & pregnancy issues
  • Child & spousal abuse issues
  • Domestic Violence
  • If you need help with something we can help you!!

…and more

  • We work with adults, children, teens, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and the homeless in our area, in short, anyone who needs a hand-up. 
  • If you can donate and or become a sponsor, it would help us a great deal.
  • If everyone helps we can change the lives of many!
    The needs are many in North Marion County. 
  • We are on Guidestar check the logo here on our sidebar

On going but you must sign up.



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