Make Lake & Meadows Pretty again!

I would like to invite everyone who lives in the Lake & Meadows community to help me make that subdivision a new place!

Join our Citra Outreach Group 


As we all know there are drugs and a lot of bad things and bad people in that subdivision you can help make a difference. You want your family safe and away from drugs and alcohol.

Reporting Crime Does Pay!

December 2017

Money Awarded: $1550.00
Tips: 154
Persons Profiled: 24
Warrants Closed: 5
Persons Arrested: 5
YTD Total Tips = 1079

See something say something you may even get a reward. Make that area safe for families again, report crimes, drug dealers, and anything illegal so that change can come to the area you live in.

If you are one of those caught in the drug trade and addicted to everything just come by the outreach and we can help you get set free.

Did you know that you have a community center right in the Meadows? Why dont you visit and get involved? They have free events, get to know your neighbors, help each other with rides,childcare,barter for stuff, and most of all help clean the meadows from all the trash that is poluting your kids lives! The community center will have a website soon, you can see what is going on by looking at their signs outside, get inviolved!