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Help us fill the pantry and provide many other services to those in need.

Your monthly donation will give us a predictable source of income so we can maintain focus on our mission to help meet the needs of our clients. Here are some examples of ways your monthly donations can help:
Your donation of  any amount will help us serve the many needs of our community!

A $25  month pledge will help us keep staples in our food pantry.

Right now we are fundraising for the following needs:

Food Purchase for the food pantry

Trim trees for hurricane season

Building repairs and other outreach maintenance needs

Hope & Dignity Work Program 

You may mail checks to Hope Outreach Help Center
P.O. Box 1192  Citra, Fl. 32113


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You may also donate cars, boats, RV’s and other vehicles as we have people in need or we can sell and fund the ministry. All donations are appreciated!